Oh, the things I do for lust... Most women that fall for the typical Ash Brody charm do it because of my killer combination of muscles and good looks, but not Hannah Miller. She denied me for so long I thought I'd never get a date, so when she finally agreed I was almost surprised. Especially when she admitted that she needed me - but turns out it wasn't in the way most women mean it. Hannah's a girl with darkness in her past, and while she's always done well at keeping it hidden, she's worried those demons were now coming back out to threaten her and her sisters. If I had known any of that, maybe I would have said no to getting involved... But how can I judge someone else's darkness when I have so much of my own? No, it was time Ash Brody rose to a challenge. Time for my brothers and I to do something right for a change, to protect these innocent Amish girls. Time for me to commit to something for the first time in my life... maybe even commit to someone. I had no idea what I was in for. It all started with a lie, but it ended with love.